Kelowna GrapplingAt Kelowna Grappling we have combined: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Submission Grappling, No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu and Wrestling, focusing on the very best from each art.

Grappling represents manipulating the opponent’s force against themselves rather than confronting it with one’s own force. The evolution of Jiu-Jitsu was that it would allow a smaller, weaker person to successfully defend against a bigger, stronger, and more athletic assailant, by using leverage and proper technique. This effective system has been showcased in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts. These techniques were developed around the principle of using an attacker’s energy against him, rather than directly opposing it. Grappling refers to maneuvers, techniques, and counters applied to an opponent in order to achieve a physical advantage, such as improving relative position, submitting or escaping.

Grappling covers techniques used in many disciplines and martial arts that are practiced both as sport and for self-defense. Fighting styles teach tactics that include strikes alongside grappling and combined with it, the movements for real life scenarios. Some of the Grappling techniques we focus on at Kelowna Grappling are the following: Clinch fighting, Takedowns and Throws, Submission holds, Pinning or Controlling Techniques, Sweeps, Reversals, Ground Striking and Escapes.

At Kelowna Grappling our lessons are focused on teaching the principles of the different arts, including self-defense, basic techniques, and to commit the core movements of Grappling and Jiu-jitsu to muscle memory.

Coming into a martial arts club can be intimidating for the beginner student; our goal is to allow our students to learn Grappling & Jiu-jitsu by focusing on the controlled drilling and techniques in a safe and fun environment.

Kelowna Grappling Classes
We instruct students of all ages and offer a Kids class and separate Adults only class, with each student aspiring to attain their own personal training goals. The class-learning environment is respectful, focused, and spirited. We focus on the basics and properly learning the correct drills and techniques to improve your overall Grappling game. Whether you’re a first-timer or aspiring athlete with martial art experience Kelowna Grappling is the place for you.

Our instructors are some of the most respected Martial Artiest and have a varied background in different types of Martial Arts. As well as training for many years themselves, they have also been coaching and training students with a keen focus on strong fundamentals. We concentrate on clearly explaining techniques, having patience and are attentive to our students needs. Student safety is a prime concern and all classes are conducted in a safe, supportive and friendly environment. At Kelowna Grappling we believe a good instructor should be open, straightforward and honest, he should be able to clearly explain techniques and should make sure you understand before moving on.

Due to hygiene and safety you must purchase the following from Kelowna Grappling to participate.

– Kelowna Grappling rash guard
– Fight shorts
– Mouth guard

Optional: Head gear

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